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ArchiCAD 15
Architectural design is a human process, involving a wide variety of abilities and tasks, from the most creative to the utterly repetitive. So Graphisoft ArchiCAD® was developed from the very beginning, in 1984, by architects with this core understanding.

Affinity 6
Affinity allows you to try out different layout scenarios using intelligent, 3D building blocks. As you create conceptual floor plans and stacking diagrams, Affinity analyzes each element and tracks whether the initial design is in compliance with the requirements in the program.

Artlantis 4
As a continuation of the Artlantis technologies, the Studio version puts in action the exploration of any of your virtual worlds made in Artlantis. In addition to all the features of Artlantis Render 3, Artlantis Stuido 3 supports both animation and virtual reality movies.

Piranesi 6
Piranesi is a specialised '3D painting' tool that allows you to start with a simple rendering of a 3D model, and quickly develop it into high quality images (photorealistic or non-photorealistic) ready for client presentations.